A podcast app that speaks to me.
Designed from the ground up to be super easy to navigate, even if you can't see the screen.
Eloquodpod is a great way to listen to amazing podcast content from around the world. Its user interface has been designed so that you can choose your podcast provider, programme and episode merely by flicking the screen left or right or up or down. As you make each selection, Eloquodpod reads out the details of your selection, including the programme name, date and a description of its content. To play the programme, simply tap anywhere on the screen.
See here to find out why we designed it this way.
Haptic feedback lets you feel your selection changing.
Haptic feedback causes the phone to vibrate when a selection is changed so you can actually feel yourself making a selection. Perfect for those with a visual impairment or who simply don't want to look at the screen.
An elegant and simple design which showcases your podcast content.
Have thousands of podcast episodes at your fingertips. Browsing through podcasts is a simple as flicking a finger. Podcasts automatically refresh in the background so you are always up-to-date.

The app comes with a great range of international podcasts pre-installed and you can add your own preferred podcasts at any time.
Your privacy is completely respected.
Eloquodpod has been designed for listening to great podcasts and that is all. It's that simple.
See here to find out more.
Perfect for iPad as well.
Eloquodpod will also work on your iPad. Try it out today.
You can download Eloquodpod, from the iOS App Store.
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