The idea behind Eloquodpod is that a user should be able to scroll through content to select the podcast provider, programme and episode that they wish to listen to. The user can either read the details on the screen OR listen to the voice announced prompts without looking at the screen. For information about why we designed it this way, please read our story.
You should conceptualise the app as having 3 main menus: (1) a menu which allows you to select your preferred podcast provider; (2) a menu which allows you to choose a programme from the selected podcast provider; and (3) a menu which allows you to select an episode to listen to of the selected programme.
You move between the menus by scrolling left or right between the menus. The menus are in this order: (1) Select Provider => (2) Select Programme from that Provider => (3) Select Episodes of that programme.
You choose an item in the menu you are on by scrolling up or down. For example, if the current menu is the Select Provider menu, then scroll up or down to select a different provider.
You can scroll by simply flicking the screen in the direction you wish.
Each time you move between a menu, the name of the menu is read aloud to you e.g. "Select Programme".
Making Selections.
When you scroll up or down, you are implicitly making a selection. For example, as you scroll onto a new podcast provider, then that podcast provider is selected. If you then scroll to the right (by swiping from right to left on the screen) you will then only see (or hear the names and details of) programmes from the provider which you had just selected.
You can then scroll up or down to select a particular programme from the currently selected provider. If you scroll to the right again, you will be able to select only from episodes of the currently selected programme.
Scroll back to the left (swipe from left to right on the screen) to go back and select a different programme or podcast provider.
Selecting All.
The first item in the Select Provider menu allows you to choose all podcast providers, rather than selecting a particular one. If you choose all podcast providers, then in the Select Programme menu all programmes will be listed from all providers in alphabetical order based on the programme name.
Similarly, you can select all programmes in the programmes menu. This will then allow you to see episodes from all programmes, appearing in date order (most recent first).
Playing Episodes.
When you have selected an episode, tap anywhere on the screen to play or pause the episode. When you tap for play, you will hear the word "Play". It may then take a few seconds before the audio of the episode starts to play as the app is downloading the audio in the background. Normally audio will start playing within a few seconds, depending on your internet connection.
The app does not store the audio of a podcast, it streams it over the internet. Therefore you need to have an active internet connection in order to start playing a podcast.
If you scroll back to the Select Provider menu while playing a podcast, the audio will pause. This is because you need to hear the description of the programme you may be selecting.
If you are playing a podcast and the podcast episode finishes, the app will automatically try to play the "next" podcast. The next podcast depends on which podcast programme and podcast provider are currently selected.
Refreshing The Available Podcasts.
Each time you start the app, it will try to refresh the available podcasts by downloading the latest podcast episode information. You can tell that a refresh is in progress when the word "Eloquodpod" is highlighted at the top of the screen and a progress bar appears directly beneath it. The progress bar shows the progress with the refresh.
You can still use the app as normal while a refresh is in progress, though you may notice that scrolling is a little less responsive (depending on the speed of your device) as quite a lot is happening in the background.
After an initial refresh, the app will check for new podcast episodes approximately every half hour (provided that you have the app open). To ensure that there is not unnecessary data wastage, the app only checks for new podcast episodes when you have it open.
The app has a settings function. You can get to the settings menu by scrolling left (swiping left to right) from the Select Provider menu. Further details of the settings are given below.
Settings - Temporarily Switching Podcasts Off Or On.
The settings menu first shows the installed podcasts with an on/off button next to each podcast. If you switch the button to the off position, the particular podcast will no longer appear in the Select Programme or Select Episode menus of the app. You can also switch off a particular podcast provider which will result in that provider and all podcasts from that provider no longer appearing in the menus of the app. You can switch them back on again to make them re-appear.
Settings - Deleting Podcasts.
Below the list of your installed podcasts are further settings. If you choose "Select podcasts to delete?", then editing mode will be enabled. You will then see a delete button appear next to each podcast. You can press that button next to the relevant podcast to permanently delete the podcast from your device.
To leave editing mode, just scroll back to the Select Providers menu or switch off the switch in the settings next to "Select podcasts to delete?".
Adding New Podcasts.
You can add new podcasts to Eloquodpod by flicking the switch next to "Add new podcast?" in the Settings menu. Doing so will cause a dialogue box to appear with a space where you can type or paste in the url (address) of the relevant podcast. All going well, the new podcast will then be added to your installed podcasts and will appear when you scroll back to the other menus.
The url you provide needs to be the url of the RSS feed for the podcast. If you have a particular podcast in mind, look for the url of the RSS feed of the podcast on their website. If the podcast provider only makes available a link to the podcast on iTunes, you can use a third party service to extract the url of the RSS feed from the iTunes link. One such service (which we have no affiliation with and do not necessarily endorse) is at Feed Flipper.
Settings - Other Features.
There are some other things which can be adjusted in the Settings menu. This includes changing the voice of the app to become a female voice, if you prefer.
While most aspects of the app are designed to be used without needing to see the screen, the screen does need to be seen in order to adjust the settings.
Other Help.
If you need other help, we suggest you take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions. You can also contact us with any issues you may face or with requests for new features which we may wish to consider adding in future updates.
If All Else Fails.
If all else fails and you need to reset the app to its initial state, delete the app and then re-download it from the App Store (you will not be charged again since you have already purchased the app before).
We hope you enjoy using Eloquodpod and let people know about it who may be interested in its features. Thank you for purchasing and supporting Eloquodpod.
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