Frequently Asked Questions.
How do I refresh so that I can choose the latest podcasts?
Every time you start Eloquodpod, it downloads the latest information about all of your podcasts, including the descriptions of the latest episodes. A refresh is occurring when you see the words "Eloquodpod" highlighted in white and the status bar appearing. Refreshing happens in the background, you can use the app as usual while a refresh is occurring.
After the initial refresh, the app will check for new episodes approximately every half an hour, so you should always be up to date without you needing to do anything.
How much bandwidth does Eloquodpod use?
Assuming you have about 100 podcast programmes installed, then downloading the latest podcast information (including the information about the latest episodes) will typically use up about 20 MB of data. It is not possible to say precisely because it depends on how many podcasts you have installed and how much information the podcast provider includes in their podcast feed.
Eloquodpod does not download the audio of the podcast in advance - it downloads the audio on-the-fly once you select a podcast to play. Playing audio will also use up bandwidth, the amount will depend on the format of the podcast, its length and the amount of compression the podcast provider used. As a rough guide, playing a typical hour-long podcast will normally use up about 20 MB.
If you are using Eloquodpod over a mobile data network or in another scenario where you have limited data, you may want to monitor how much data you use.
Can I install my own podcasts?
Yes, see the Instructions for how to do this.
What podcasts come pre-installed?
Eloquodpod comes with a selection of quality podcasts from major international providers. The information about these podcasts is downloaded the first time you use the app.
Can I delete the pre-installed podcasts?
Yes, see the Instructions for how to do this.
I'm not sure what link to use to install a podcast?
You need to know the url (web address) of the RSS feed for the podcast. More details are given in the Instructions.
Is Eloquodpod affiliated with any podcast provider?
No, Eloquodpod is independent of any podcast provider. All podcast content and images related to those podcast is the property of the podcast provider. We display such content to assist you in recognising the podcasts you have installed in the same way that a web browser displays content from various providers.
Will Eloquodpod use up all the space on my device?
We have taken care to ensure that old podcast information is garbage collected from time to time so that the app stays within a reasonable size.
Can I copy my podcast selection to another device or share my podcast selection with friends?
Not yet, but we are thinking about it as a possible feature for a future version.
Is there a way to skip forward or backwards while listening to a podcast?
Not yet because it would complicate the interface used to navigate the app. We are considering whether there is a good way we could implement this in the future.
Does the app work with "Hey Siri" or other Siri commands?
To some extent, provided you have Siri enabled:
- You can say "Hey Siri, start Eloquodpod" in order to start Eloquodpod.
- Once you have started playing a podcast, you can also use Siri commands like "pause", "play next" and "play previous".
Can Eloquodpod play to AirPlay speakers?
Yes, in the same way that any other music or podcast app can (using the controls in the control centre).
Is the app available on Android?
At the moment we do not have any plans for an Android version.
How many podcast programmes can I install?
There is no theoretical limit. However, more than 100 would probably slow down the responsiveness of the app. We have tested the app with about 100 podcasts installed (having a total of over 12,000 episodes).
Can I listen to episodes from longer ago than 300 episodes ago?
No. We limit the amount of episodes for each programme to be the latest 300 episodes in order to save space on your device, save download bandwidth when the app refreshes and ensure that the app is responsive. Most podcast feeds do not list more than a 100 of the most recent episodes, so we think it would be unlikely that you would need anything much older.
Is the price of this app justified?
Over a year of development has been put into the first version of Eloquodpod. We think the price is reasonable given the effort which has gone in and the quality of the app. We have spent a lot of time to try to ensure the app is of good quality.
Does the app track what I do, steal my data or anything else nefarious like that?
No. In short, the app does not share information with anyone. See the Privacy section for the details.
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